Automatic Gates

- Buying Guide -

Spa Gates supply and install complete solutions for electric gates. We can also automate your existing gates if they are suitable and strong enough. Call us for further information.

benefits of electric gates

  • keep children and pets safe
  • prevent intruder entry
  • improve your property looks

security & convenience

Open and close your automatic gates in all weathers from the comfort and security of your car or house with a pocket size transmitter. Be confident that your gate can be positively locked closed, either as a function of the gate operator, or with the addition of an electric lock on larger swing gates.


Spa Gates will specify and install various safety features to suit operating requirements:

  • safety photocells at the pillars to prevent the gates closing on an obstruction
  • additional safety photocells at the opening limit of swing gates
  • 24v DC operators with obstacle detection features
  • additional safety edges for sliding gates

Activate your automatic gates from your vehicle
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Gate Project Economics

Most of our customers are seeking the convenience of automatic gates. This involves choosing not only the gates, but also automation, safety equipment and gate intercoms. Although the gate may be the most costly item, it may still be only 50% of the total project cost. It is possible to install an automated gate system in stages and spread the project cost over a period:

  • Stage 1: Install the Gates and any required Posts
  • Stage 2: Install Automation (ram, articulated or sliding)
Swing and Sliding Gate systems can be initially installed as manual gates, with automation added later. This may allow you to get those handsome gates you have chosen to secure your property as soon as possible.

If you have new gates installed by us and return for automation to be installed within 2 years, Spa Gates will supply the automation equipment at the same 40% discount as we do today.

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swing gates: ram operators

Ram operators are sleek, modern and fit neatly on to the rear face of the gates at about waist height. These operators are easier to fit and are lower cost than the underground systems, but are slightly more obtrusive. Hydraulic ram operators are generally fitted in higher duty situations such as busier multi-user entrances.

swing gates: undergound

The underground operator for each gate leaf is contained in a secure steel foundation box concreted into the ground at the base of each pillar. The gate automation is unobtrusive and visually very neat - all that shows is the steel lid.

Normally these operators will open the gates up to 110 degrees, but we can supply special versions that will open up to 180 degrees.

sliding gates

Automatic sliding gates are very useful where the drive rises up towards the house preventing swing gates from opening, or where a swing gate would reduce any potential parking space.

For Tracked or Cantilever gates, the operator is fixed near a pillar and moves the gate via a toothed rack attached to the gate. Any of our gate designs can be configured as automated sliding gates.